How US TV is Broadcast in the UK – A Technical Explanation.

You’re in the UK and you’ve sat down to watch scrubs, trying to decide whether you want to watch the NOW TV version, which has retained the broadcast rights for the music, or the Amazon Prime Video version, which has the DVD music rights. But you’ve noticed Something else; the NOW TV version seems slightly … Continue reading How US TV is Broadcast in the UK – A Technical Explanation.

Coca-Cola’s Sugar Free Branding

The sugar water company, Coca-Cola, are at a crossroad in the UK. The Government are introducing a controversial ‘Sugar Tax’, which threatens Coca-colas bottom line. Their flagship product, the self-titled cola drink, is one of the most sugary drinks you can buy. One 330ml can contain 35g of sugar, which is 7 teaspoons. This is, … Continue reading Coca-Cola’s Sugar Free Branding

YouTube’s Big Ambitions

Youtube has traditional media in its sights. With TV viewing figures declining and the time people spend on the internet increasing, advertisers are spending more money on new media. With over 1 billion hours of watch time per day, YouTube, the Google-owned video streaming site, is the largest user-generated video content site. It’s expected that … Continue reading YouTube’s Big Ambitions