iCloud’s Paltry 5GB Free Storage Plan.

This is a continuation of my previous post, ‘I’ve Fallen out of love with Apple. Let me explain.’ “iCloud Storage is full.” This is the most frustrating notification on an Apple product. It’s a reminder of how little storage Apple gives you as a default — a paltry 5GB. Since the launch of iCloud in … Continue reading iCloud’s Paltry 5GB Free Storage Plan.

Explained, Vox and Netflix team up for new show.

Vox, which is part of Vox Media, has teamed up with Netflix to create the explainer series conveniently titled, ‘Explained.’ Each episode aims to explain a subject as thoroughly, but as quickly possible. This strategy has been a signature of the Vox YouTube channel, where the internet news site has uploaded 850 short explainer videos … Continue reading Explained, Vox and Netflix team up for new show.

YouTube’s Big Ambitions

Youtube has traditional media in its sights. With TV viewing figures declining and the time people spend on the internet increasing, advertisers are spending more money on new media. With over 1 billion hours of watch time per day, YouTube, the Google-owned video streaming site, is the largest user-generated video content site. It’s expected that … Continue reading YouTube’s Big Ambitions

Netflix, Disney and the Future of Streaming

Disney are pulling their content from Netflix. This development isn’t wholly surprising, Disney are the biggest entertainment company in the world after all, and rumours last year suggested they were looking to buy Netflix, although for whatever reason this never came to fruition. This move by the entertainment giant signposts a greater trend in the … Continue reading Netflix, Disney and the Future of Streaming

What’s Happening to YouTube’s Creators?

YouTube, the Google owned video streaming site, has always had an uneasy relationship with their creators. The Partner program, which allows creators to make money from advertising on their videos, launched in December 2007. This opened up a world of possibilities for the creators, many of whom could make content full time, and YouTube benefited … Continue reading What’s Happening to YouTube’s Creators?