Technology Vs Environmentalism

It’s becoming increasingly hard to balance my love of tech with my increased awareness of environmental issues that are directly impacted by the consumer electronics industry. Our world is burning, and the human race is turning a blind eye to what is happening. We keep eating copious amounts of meat, we take regular flights, and … Continue reading Technology Vs Environmentalism

Watch WheezyWaiter Please.

You probably haven’t heard of Craig Benzine even though he’s been creating content on YouTube since 2007. And throughout his 12-year career, he’s made over 1,500 videos. Even after this, he hasn’t even cracked a million subscribers. Craig’s channel is WheezyWaiter, and you should be watching his content. Why the name WheezyWaiter? When he created … Continue reading Watch WheezyWaiter Please.

Disney+ Will Succeed… Probably.

Disney+ is looming over the streaming industry, like the star destroyer in the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope. The House of Mouse’s streaming platform is due to be launched in November 2019 and, there’s no doubt, it will change the streaming landscape. Recently, Disney has been on a buying spree, purchasing Lucas … Continue reading Disney+ Will Succeed… Probably.

Could Microsoft Transition Windows to Linux?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is hugely successful. It’s currently running on 800 million devices worldwide; on laptops, desktops, and everything in between. Despite this, it seems as if Microsoft is transitioning away from Windows and instead focusing on services and enterprise. The question is, as Windows becomes less of a priority for Microsoft, and their services … Continue reading Could Microsoft Transition Windows to Linux?

Huawei’s Predicament Underlines the Need for a Third Mobile OS

We need more choice than just Android and iOS. It’s become apparent that having only two “phone” operating systems is becoming a problem. Android, the Google-backed OS, has become the only option for many handset makers, giving Google too much control of the phone OS market. That’s become even more obvious since Huawei had their … Continue reading Huawei’s Predicament Underlines the Need for a Third Mobile OS

Bon Appétit’s Latest YouTube Series ‘Making Perfect’ shines.

When you think of the greatest TV chefs today, who do you think of? Jamie Oliver? Gordon Ramsey? Sure, these are established names launched into the public consciousness by successful careers both in the kitchen and on TV, but what if I told you there was a new guard of food personalities arriving. Step in … Continue reading Bon Appétit’s Latest YouTube Series ‘Making Perfect’ shines.